As a SAS® Alliance Consulting Partner our prime aim is to deliver high quality solutions, using experienced staff trained in the latest tools, technologies and methodologies developed by SAS Institute.

Our greatest strength continues to be our expertise in delivering high quality solutions and services based on SAS Institute’s range of data extraction, manipulation and exploitation tools.

The company has an extensive background in applying MIS, Data Warehousing, Operational Reporting and Risk Management solutions to business problems in Securities Settlement, Banking, Telecoms, Marketing, Services and Manufacturing business sectors, as well as Statistical Analysis and Reporting for Clinical Trials in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

At a technical level we have a wealth of experience in client-server architecture across a wide range of hardware platforms, operating systems and third party databases. Combining our wide SAS and general IT experience we can ensure our clients take full advantage of the interoperability of SAS within their systems environment.

Full technical support is available to our consultants at all times from our offices in the UK.

We also offer project development and application outsourcing, allowing our customers to reduce many of their project risks whilst managing overall costs.

Outsourcing provides an attractive way of working, particularly if there are:

  • Fluctuations in staffing requirements across an extended period of time.
  • Constraints on existing office space.
  • Limited availability of internal resources for projects.
  • Specialist skills required to be made available for a guaranteed period of time.

Contact us to see how we can help your organisation over come these challenges.