What Do We Provide?

We provide a comprehensive, internet based, continuous training solution that can be rolled out to all users in your organisation at a fraction of the cost of classroom based training.

Access is unlimited and users can complete courses at their own pace at their own desks, in their own time.

We can also provide you with usage statistics on a quarterly basis, allowing you to measure usage against individuals, letting you see how many pages they have looked at, courses viewed etc.

Current Courses in the Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Base Programming
  • SQL
  • Reporting
  • Graph
  • Macro
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Access to Databases & Remote Server Connect
  • Enterprise Guide
  • Data Integration Studio

We offer a ‘Core Course’ package, which includes all of the above excluding Data Integration Studio and Enterprise Guide. These last 2 courses are available, jointly or individually, as add-ons to the core courses.