The Advance Programme

Base 3 Systems launched its highly successful Advance Programme in 1999 and has now enabled hundreds of young professionals to take up roles within leading private and public sector organisations.

The issues addressed by the Advance Programme are both serious and ongoing:

  • There is a lack of personnel with up to date skills in the use of business intelligence technologies.
  • Consultants available within the market are very expensive to recruit and retain.
  • Major projects are often delayed or incomplete because of the lack of resources.

Success Story

I completed the Advance Programme seven years ago after completing a biomedical science M.Sc. The Advance Programme is a well structured and focused course, which prepares each candidate for working within a professional environment and covers all the fundamentals of analytical software as well as advanced techniques. The Advance Programme gave me an excellent foundation in the use of the software and prepared me for the challenges which lay ahead. The past seven years with Base 3 Systems have been the most enjoyable of my professional life, being both challenging and rewarding. After completing my first assignment for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, I decided to pursue a consultancy role within Base 3 systems and since then I have worked for numerous clients, each with their own unique technologies & environments. I have always felt an integral part of Base 3 Systems, and have always been nurtured by receiving first class training and support. Due to the nature of consultancy work, no one day is really the same as the next which provides extremely varied and interesting roles. As my experience has grown, the roles to which I have been assigned have also grown and diversified to the point where I was responsible for the technical design and implementation of an entire reporting strategy using the latest SAS® Software for the commercial portfolio of one of most established and innovative credit card companies based within the UK.