Graduate Success Stories

Learn Valuable Skills

“Working for Base 3 was recommended to me by a friend who had completed the Advance Programme herself. The role appealed to me as it combined learning an extremely valuable skill with the opportunity to work with a high profile client and a good chance of being given a permanent role after a relatively short time. The training is challenging, but if you’re willing to work hard you will get a lot out of it and you’ll probably make some friends along the way. After the course I was sent to a major financial institution to work on a multi-million pound project upgrading their SAS server. I’ve been really impressed with how well the training prepared me for the tasks I have been asked to complete since I arrived.”


Proud to be a part of the Company

“I studied Maths and Economics in Galway University in Ireland and always had a desire to get into finance and banking. In saying that, I didn’t actually have a clue what I really wanted to do. After uni, I applied for any job relating to finance and that’s when I came across Base 3. I am so grateful that I have now found a career that I love and it’s all thanks to Base3.

The course is perfectly structured and Base3 provide expert and thorough training in the various SAS tools, which leaves you more than prepared for starting at a client site. A SAS developer is the perfect role for a logical thinker, who wants a challenging job that is never boring and Base 3 is the perfect company to kick-start and build that career. Although Base3 may be a small company, it’s a powerful one with a fantastic reputation all over the UK and I’m proud to say that I work for them.

It’s not all about the work though. Base 3 offer great support in all aspects of your career – be it any concerns you might have, big or small, or any advanced learning that you want to undertake. It’s a personal company and the senior managers know your name, your face, your personality and always welcome phone calls and texts from their employees. They sometimes even drop me a text/call to wish me a happy birthday! Base3 has even become a bit of a community and you’re guaranteed an instant network of friends and support.”


Gave me Direction

“Honestly, I applied to Base 3 knowing very little (next to nothing) about SAS or what it is capable of. However after doing a bit of research, having my interview(s) and chats with Ian, I became more and more interested in it. I left university not knowing what I wanted to do, but knowing that I was capable of a lot. Then this opportunity came along. And it gave me direction.

A degree in Geoscience probably isn’t the most natural step in to programming, but the logic and skills gained from a science degree put me in good stead amongst my training colleagues who held degrees in maths & physics. That, and a natural understanding of “data” and the the assumptions & imperfections that go along with it.

The training was very in depth and thorough. The use of data sets that are similar to a real financial set up makes the training extremely practical and means that you leave the course feeling confident in the knowledge that you can really use SAS. It covers the theory & the practical. And because Base 3 are so selective, again it inspires confidence that I can make it through any situation work has to throw at me. The continued support of other consultants also means that you are not alone in problem solving. If you need help, it is only an email or phone call away.

I know Base 3 is growing, but it is still a relatively small and personal company, which really suits me. It creates an atmosphere in which you are not afraid to ask questions or ask for help if you need it.

All of this means that yes, I certainly enjoy what I do! Providing the solutions that turn data in to understanding and knowledge is rewarding.”


Paid to Learn

“I got interested by Base 3 due to the fact SAS training was provided, and paid for as well. I had previously used it during university, and really enjoyed the experience. Base 3 has amazing training staff, and it is really easy to form a close relationship with them. The training course was intuitive, and the pace was just right. The trainer makes sure everyone is on the same page and gives regular tests to check on progress. The case studies were challenging but in a fun way.

After training, Base 3 tries their hardest to find a placement for you, and you have a wide range of banks and businesses you could end up at, from all over the country! The placements are exciting, and whenever there you have a problem, Base 3 tries their best to help you out.”


Helps Shape a Successful Career

“After completing my Mathematics degree at the University of Sheffield in 2012 I was looking for a role which would help me build on the analytical skills I had already developed.

The technical skills which I would learn on the Advanced Programme and prospect of working in large multi-national companies upon completing the course made Base 3 highly appealing.

The Advanced Programme is taught by knowledgeable subject matter experts with years of on-the-job experience who help, support, and encourage at every stage.

The Advanced Programme is a tough, but ultimately rewarding, course which has given me the skills to help shape a successful career as an analyst.

Base 3’s AP course is organised into well-structured modules, this proved to be surprisingly useful when transitioning from a student into the working world.”


Wealth of Knowledge

“Finishing education can be a scary thing, and many key decisions need to be made that influence your future. I had to make these decisions, so when I graduated from Keele University in 2013, I like many of my peers scanned the job sites for anything relating to what I enjoyed. Consistently SAS skills were referenced, so when I saw Base 3 advertising the advanced program I snapped up the opportunity.

On the training course the support is not unlike a university feel, however you are always aware that it is an occupation, not an education, a balance I found comforting on transition from university. The course is intense and comprehensive. The skills tests you take not only test your SAS development but also your ability to solve business problems and create workable solutions.

Base 3 have a wealth of knowledge from their on site representatives, and the advanced program prepared me with this knowledge for what I needed to do on placement. I have been consulting for just over a year now and have learnt a plethora of skills thanks to Base 3’s support and connections. I found that the learning curve is steep, both during training and on placement, but I wanted skills and development and that’s what I’ve found at Base 3 Systems.”


Helped me Achieve my Current Role

“Having finished two science degrees I wanted to escape the scientific arena while still using some of the skills I had acquired after 7 years at university. I always had an interest in IT, so focused on that area despite having very little programming experience. After applying (and being told the recruitment agency was going to call me before realising I had already applied) I went through the interview process and went onto the Base3 Advanced Program.

The course was harder than expected at first, but I eventually got into the mindset and made much better progress towards the end of the course.

The training was excellent. I was taught by Graham, who has decades of programming experience behind him and with SAS. When things were not going so well the support was there to help me improve.

Since leaving the course I did a bit of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) work at a large bank in Edinburgh, before moving into the SAS Platform Administration arena based in South-East England. I had Linux experience before the course, but I would not have got my current role without having completed the Advanced Program.

Looking to the future Base3 have been incredibly open and willing to discuss career options inside and outside of Base3”