Our Approach

The Advance Programme has been at the core of our success since 1999 and is unique within the information technology industry.

Business Intelligence is a highly-specialised field and individuals, teams and companies with skills that are both comprehensive and up to date are hard to find… it goes without saying that they also command high fees for both short-term activities and long-term projects.

Base 3 Systems approach is to identify graduates, and older candidates seeking to obtain new skills, who are capable of meeting the exacting standards of the Advance Programme. Working in highly-focused groups, students undertake an intensive 9 week training programme which we believe to be the best in the market.

On completion of the training, there follows a twelve month placement at highly competitive rates with a range of options for both the employer and employee.

The Programme meets the needs of business by

  • Taking away all of the issues around talent identification and recruitment
  • Delivering comprehensive skills transfer and workplace acclimatisation
  • Providing highly-skilled but low-cost resources
  • Offering flexible outcomes

At the end of each placement, the employer typically has three options; the placement can be extended, a new consultant can be introduced or, as frequently happens, the current consultant can be offered full-time employment. In the event that employment is offered, NO fee will be payable to Base 3 Systems.

The Advance Programme has enabled us to build long-term and warm relationships with a range of major organisations in all market sectors. In some cases, individuals currently involved in the recruitment of our consultants previously went through the Programme themselves… the very best testimonial to its quality.

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