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Financial Client

Our client was planning to implement a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephony system to expand the capability of its outstanding debt collections department. From the outset, it was recognised that a comprehensive management information application would be needed provide information to senior executives both about the detailed performance of the IVR system and about the return on investment that it was delivering.

A number of other third party organisations had been involved in devising the new IVR solution, which was based around a complex but relatively inflexible architecture. Data could be collected at a number of points during the processes involved and it was essential for the management information application to handle a wide variety of record formats and record types.

Base 3 Systems personnel worked closely with the business managers to identify their requirements, and with the technical staff to understand the architecture and operational issues around the system, and then developed a suite of programs using key features of the SAS® System to provide the critical information that management required.