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International Banking Organisation

Base 3 Systems has developed and installed an application for the Consumer Banking Division of a multinational financial services business with 410 branches in 28 countries and over 4 million customers.

The Challenge

Advanced SAS® users were being tied into providing numerous MIS reports as managers became more ‘data hungry’. The company wanted to assign a few business analysts and ‘power users’ to prepare key reports, which could then be made easily available to authorised users or user groups throughout their Asian operations. Ease of accessibility and the security of this shared information were vital.

An extremely powerful tool, the SAS® System had been chosen for its ‘no nonsense’ ability to manipulate massive amounts of complex data and produce detailed reports. Knowing of the dispersed reporting work carried out by Base 3 Systems on other sites throughout Europe very much in line with their own requirements they were commissioned to deliver the solution.

The Results and Benefits

Report Master is a completely generic system that can share packaged reports in a structured and managed way and can be up and running at a client’s site within minutes.

Base 3 Systems delivered and installed the product initially within the business’ Hong Kong operations. And provided power users with a way to make their parameterised reports available to nominated users across the broad South East Asia region. By only allowing users to see and execute reports to which they have been given access, and by incorporating an easy to use ‘drill down’ function, all key managers in the organisation were now able to take advantage of the shared data resources.

“Report Master is an excellent tool that fits our requirements of rapid report distribution with security parameters better than any other system on the market. Now our managers throughout Asia can access tailored reports immediately, without needing to acquire a knowledge of SAS software.”

Key benefits of using the SAS System

  • Rapid software development
  • Ease of maintainability
  • Ability to manipulate large volumes of complex data
  • Confidence that the software will perform

Key benefits of using Base 3 Systems

  • Expert understanding of the SAS System
  • In-depth understanding of the Finance Sector
  • Provision of generic, modular, report distribution application – Report Master
  • Off-site Development Facility staffed by highly experienced consultants in SAS and IT
  • SAS Alliance Silver Partner